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Business Open As Normal
Covid-19 News

We are running the business as normal but following government guidelines and all of our staff adhere to a strict Covid 19 compliance policy. All our staff wear PPE and conduct themselves in a manner that keeps them and our clients safe at this time during installations.

So please fill out the contact form or give us a call to schedule an artificial lawn installation estimate today.

Artificial Grass Epping

Artificial Grass will not wear out, simply because it’s made of plastic. Our Artificial Grass won’t discolor too as it’s UV resistant. Fox Landscape Gardening only uses the highest quality artificial grass available that’s manufactured in Europe. Our Artificial Grass utilizes advanced yarn technology to create long-lasting, lifelike Fake Grass. Our low maintenance Synthetic Grass doesn’t need mowing, feeding, weeding, or watering. No dry patches will appear in the summer and no mud to clean off feet or paws when it rains.

So how do we stand against other Artificial Grass Installers in Epping? The real difference is that Fox Landscape Gardening uses artificial grass which resists flattening and continues to bounce back up to its original shape just like Real Grass when it’s walked on. On cheaper Synthetic Grass, if you place a chair or plant pot on top of it, it’s going to flatten and stay flat. This looks unnatural and on cheap artificial grass, the lawn may flatten without you doing anything to it! We are not the cheapest in the business, but the quality of our artificial grass in Epping will pay for itself as the years go by.

  Every job includes professional artificial grass installation as standard. Our artificial grass installation teams follow a dedicated process and use specific machinery, which ensures that your Artificial Lawn is leveled, looks natural and will last. We never use sharp sand and timber, like other companies, as sand is unstable over time and timber rots. We use steel edging and grano dust for our top layer of sub base.

That’s why, unlike conventional artificial lawns, our artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty that includes the grass, installation and the base work.

As one of the busiest companies for artificial grass in the Epping area, Fox Landscape Gardening offers an unrivalled selection of authentic-looking, state- of-the-art Artificial Grasses to suit a variety of applications. Unique artificial grass technology solutions include lawns, children’s play areas, pet friendly gardens, balconies, roof terraces, courtyards, sports areas and commercial footfall spaces etc in Epping.

Whether it’s a small front lawn you can’t bear to lose or a sprawling garden that’s the envy of the neighbors, Fox Landscape Gardening gives you a garden to be proud of with the use of artificial grass in Epping.

Don’t just see it, feel the difference of our Artificial Grass. You satisfaction is number one priority.

Our Fake Grass is soft and it is so realistic that it will look real to an untrained eye. It is permeable meaning all fluids will pass through without issue, and any mess can easily be washed away leaving a fantastic looking lawn all year round.

So, rest assured that you will no longer have to put up with many drawbacks of a natural lawn. No more burnt patches, dogs digging holes, muddy prints or odors.

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Really pleased with my new artificial lawn, thanks for all the hard work.

Mrs. Fenn Epping May 27, 2019