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We are running the business as normal but following government guidelines and all of our staff adhere to a strict Covid 19 compliance policy. All our staff wear PPE and conduct themselves in a manner that keeps them and our clients safe at this time during installations.

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Artificial Grass Southend on Sea

Things You Need To Know About Artificial Grass.

Do you dream of having the perfect lawn, but don’t have the energy or time to maintain it ? An artificial lawn could be the answer to your predicament for your Southend property.

Many Southend-On-Sea homeowners are now beginning to think about the benefits of an artificial lawn. It has been proven to be such a wonderful alternative to real grass because of its many benefits to people of all ages.

Especially in Southend-On-Sea, it can be difficult to maintain a pristine lawn. Weather conditions are typically not friendly to grass and sensitive plants in general due to salt air from the coast. Therefore, many people are choosing artificial grass to solve their problems. An artificial lawn is fantastic because of the following reasons:

It reduces water bills. Especially during the dry summer months, water bills can become so high. With the use of fake grass, these bills are reduced since there is no need for you to use water. Fake grass has no need to be watered since it is not a living organism, so you’re saving time and water maintaining it in hot weather.

It reduces your efforts significantly. The one great drawback of having real grass lawns is that it is very difficult to maintain, especially if you are not really into gardening and just want a lush lawn but don’t have the time or knowhow to achieve this. Most people just want to devote their free time to something else. If you are tired of fertilizing, weeding, watering, and cutting grass, then fake grass is an obvious choice for you.

You are not a fan of herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can harm you and your pets as well as wildlife. Therefore, it is usually best to simply get rid of the need for them by installing artificial lawn in your garden in Southend.

For all these benefits, artificial grass does not come cheap if you use a reputable company they should be offering an installation warranty for two years as well as manufacturer’s warranty of ten years with documentation to prove this. We at Fox Landscape Gardening are proud to offer two year workmanship warranties and ten year manufacturer’s warranties on all installations. Like most things in life you get what you pay for but you’d be surprised how affordable it can be.

The one great benefit of an artificial lawn in Southend-On-sea is you do not need to think about maintenance, you do not need to devote much of your time and money in the long run just to keep your lawn spic and span for the next 20 years plus. Fake grass needs minimal supervision for 15 to 25 years.

Before you decide to have your new lawn installed, ask Fox Landscape Gardening, your Southend-On-Sea artificial grass installers for a free quote.
With all things considered, artificial grass is a true wonder. It can serve as a perfect way to have a natural looking lawn without the additional turmoil of having to meticulously maintain it year around like you would with a conventional lawn.

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Really smartened up our waterlogged garden with Artificial Grass, now the kids can enjoy our lawn no matter what the weather is doing. Getting the front done now at our house in Southend-On-Sea

Mrs. Santos Southend-On-Sea April 1, 2019